The search for the quality of products and services is part of the essence of Andranis Products

For this, in accordance with the HACCP system and with the guarantees of the recent IFS certification, perfectly documented quality controls are established in all processes: origin and selection of raw materials, reception and acceptance of the merchandise, selection processes, processing and manufacturing, release and issue of the product and quality of the service offered to its customers

Products Andranis has opted for technological innovation, investing in equipment capable of guaranteeing a very high degree of purity of its products, especially in grain products.

Among its facilities, it has winnowing, screening, scouring, metal detectors, electronic separation equipment, equipped with an ultraviolet NIR camera and capable of detecting glass, transparent plastics and other impurities. Products Andranis has complete technical specifications of all its references that reflect the excellent characteristics of its products.

In addition, Productos Andranis offers its customers a service in accordance with the quality of their products. For this, our clients can count on:

• Quick response in orders, request for information, request for documentation, etc.
• Scrupulous compliance with the agreements and the expected deadlines for delivery.
• Seriousness in the personalized treatment and advice.

All this to achieve what undoubtedly matters most to us: The food safety of our products and, as a consequence, the satisfaction of our customers. To expand any information or request documentation related to quality, contact calidad@andranis.com

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Products Andranis S.L. has obtained the IFS (International Food Standard) Version 6, April 2014 certification, at its facilities at Calle Travessera del Bobalar, 28. 46970, Alaquas. Valencia, for the processes of cleaning, mixing and packaging of seeds, spices in grain and nuts. With the achievement of this certification, we continue advancing our goal of continuous improvement for Food Safety

Certificado IFS