Andranis born in October 2002 as a continuation of two generations dedicated to the processing and a very traditional way of marketing of various spices, mainly anise in grain. Since then, we have continued to invest in improvements that impact the service to our customers and has enabled us to grow thanks to its requirements.

We have always been mindful of how important it could become our work as a direct way we are helping to ensure food security of our seeds that reach thousands of homes. Aware of all this we have trained our employees and we have poured our efforts into a high quality raw material.

Our seed satisfies the highest demands in terms of cleanliness, as we have in our facilities for reprocessing machinery these: double screening, intake air, density cleaning, cleaning magnetism and color difference, all to ensure our clients food security they require. The product and packaging in our facility allows us closing in bag opening system with easy opening.

Dual processing spice cleaning

With technology in magnetism, color difference...

Selection origin of products

Guaranteed top quality from the beginning.

Quality control and documentation

Quality control and documentation.

Multiple packaging and formats

We adapt to all of our customers needs.